Talent ID’s leadership and talent solutions blend a range of products and services, underpinned by expertise, insight and a passion for people.




Values and
Competency Design

Talent Strategy



Ability Testing

Leadership Assessment

Used in both a selection and development context, our assessments deliver in-depth insight into the performance and potential of leaders, including their:

and Aspirations
Capability To
Learn and Grow
Fit to Role

We use a proven assessment approach that focuses on behaviours evidenced through recent work-based events. Psychometrics, feedback surveys and cognitive ability tests offer additional insight.

We provide a level of detail that surpasses other processes - our clients are frequently impressed at the insights we provide from spending a relatively short amount of time with each participant.

Participant experience is key. Many leaders tell us their assessment felt more like a coaching conversation than a typical assessment process. This helps to open participants up to assessment outcomes whilst enhancing your employer brand.

Individual insights are fed back through detailed, practical and business-focused assessment reports. Group or team composite reports provide data analysis and insights for multiple participants. This enables you to plan succession and make informed talent management decisions.

For larger numbers of candidates or participants, we design and run selection or development assessment centres. We then combine behavioural and technical competencies with other data inputs, such as online tests and work-based assessments.

Leadership Development

Based on business and leadership challenges and requirements, we design and deliver leadership development programmes for individuals, teams and leadership populations or cohorts.

Psychometrics, surveys and development assessments provide deep insights at an individual and team level, helping us to identify development priorities.

We then bring leaders together to explore group dynamics and facilitate blended learning that’s highly relevant and impactful. This is often achieved by focusing on real business challenges and change initiatives. Content is typically delivered through a modular approach, allowing participants to reflect, plan and integrate new skills and behaviours into their roles.


Individual and group coaching is highly effective for stimulating and supporting leadership development.

Our team has coached hundreds of leaders across thousands of different topics, from increasing leadership impact to improving team effectiveness and much more.

In a team context, we help to agree a common direction of travel and challenging but achievable objectives, whilst recognising and valuing diversity.

“Our team has coached hundreds of leaders across thousands of different topics”

Values and Competency Design

Identifying the ‘DNA’ of effective leadership in your organisation contributes to better individual, team and organisational performance.

We help you define values, leadership behaviours and technical competencies that are critical to the success of your mission.

Clear, consistent values and leadership behaviours should form the backbone from which your selection, development and performance management strategies are established.

Talent Strategy Development

An impartial, fresh pair of eyes is often valuable for assessing your current strategy of identifying, developing and managing talent across your organisation.

We bring new ideas and fresh insights from other businesses and sectors to enhance your existing approaches. Our experience supports your identification of critical roles, succession planning and to pinpoint and address leadership and talent risks.

“A 360-degree view enables individuals to identify differences in how they lead and how they’re perceived between their manager, peers, team and customers. ”

Feedback Surveys

Emotional-intelligence based feedback surveys provide rich insights into how leaders view themselves and the impact they have on others.

A 360-degree view enables individuals to identify differences in how they lead and how they’re perceived between their manager, peers, team and customers. Feedback is measured against an external leadership population to enable leaders to gauge how they compare to others. Anonymous verbatim comments bring the data to life.

Feedback surveys are either run as a standalone activity with feedback and support, or as part of a wider leadership development programme.

Personality Psychometrics

BPS-accredited personality psychometrics provide valuable insights into the behavioural preferences and personalities of individuals and teams.

Completed online, they’re time efficient, user-friendly and good value. We’re experienced at working with a diverse range of psychometrics suppliers and integrating the outputs into assessment and development outcomes.

Cognitive Ability Testing

Online cognitive tests for verbal, numerical and logical reasoning enable you to identify how well-equipped leaders are to cope with the increased complexity and ambiguity of broader roles.

The tests adapt to a participant’s answers to continually push them. This leads to a more accurate score that’s compared against other professionals and leaders across a range of sectors.